WorkingOut @ Home Vs. The Gym

My Thoughts on Working Out at Home Vs. the Gym

Everyone has their own stance on whether or not it’s acceptable to work out at home versus working out at the gym. In my opinion, there are pros and cons for both of these options. Putting the pros and cons into perspective could help you to decide for yourself where is the best place for you to work out by looking at your own personal needs. So let’s get to it!

Working Out at Home

Privacy: If you are just starting out on your fitness journey you may be insecure walking into the gym. Seeing other women/men with their perfect bodies and cute outfits that you can’t fit into YET can be very intimidating. Working out at home helps to get around that and still get healthy.
Convenience: The number one major excuse to not work out is not having the time to. With certain gyms not being open 24 hours and some people’s lack of transportation this could potentially be a legitimate excuse. It’s much easier and/or cheaper to workout while watching your favorite tv show than to take an uber and/or 30 minute drive to the nearest most convenient gym.

Excuses: You can workout anytime at home which for unmotivated individuals usually means never. But on the other hand if you are motivated to change your life this con is null and void.
Lack of Equipment: You can buy barbells and a couple dumbbells online or at a sports store. Dumbbells especially are very inexpensive and you can do most strength training exercises at home with them. But there are a lot more machines at the gym you can’t buy (unless you have the money to buy them.) For example, the infamous hip extension machine we see all our favorite fitness models using on instagram. Other examples include ellipticals, stair masters and treadmills.

Working Out at the Gym

Equipment: As we all know work out equipment is expensive but the gym has a ton of them. From smith machines to free weights, you’re covered on everything you’ll need to get the body you deserve.
Social Aspect: If you’re an extrovert this pro is for you. Being around other people can, for some individuals, motivate you to push harder. Maybe even add some extra plates to your deadlifts if there’s a cutie near by.

Lack of Privacy: If you’re an introvert, like me, working out at the gym can be awkward if you don’t have a work out buddy who is just as motivated as you to change their lifestyle. It’s just so much more convenient for us introverts to work out at home.
Intimidation: I have noticed watching other new comers at the gym being picked on or scolded for being new to working out by seasoned work outters (probably not a politically correct term but idc) which can result in new comers quitting too early in their journey. I’ve also noticed the other way around. Meaning new comers picking on seasoned work outters (still using this term lol.) The other way around is a defense mechanism to help the new comers feel better about how they’ve treated their bodies threw out the years. Either way it’s not right and can result in low self esteem for both the new comer or the seasoned work outters. If you have tough skin you have nothing to worry about. If not, you may want to work out at home until you’ve built up your confidence.

Video of My 5 Fave At Home WorkOuts!

Everyone’s weight loss journey is different. Some people are unmotivated and need a set time, day and place to workout to ensure results. Other people are so driven by a need for change that lack of motivation isn’t a problem.

I feel that as human beings we have a undeniable need to appear superior or simply just know more than another. We all have this unavoidable urge to be right ALL THE TIME (even when we’re not.) Saying “you’re wrong and I’m right” or “I know more than you do” releases these amazing little chemicals in your brain called dopamine which makes people happy. Believing that you know better than someone else gives you a sense of a higher level of superiority that acts almost like drug. Now, I have done no actual research on this besides all of the personal research I’ve done on interpersonal communication over the years. But looking at everything I’ve learned from studying why people do the things they do in social environments, I know this to be true. If you’re asking me I say if you’re more comfortable working out at home, work out at home. If you’re more comfortable working out at the gym, work out at the gym. Don’t let another persons opinion of where you should workout affect your decision to get healthy. In other words, do you, fuck what the haters think. If you want to get healthy don’t let anyone get in your way. Just fucking do it!

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