LifeHacks: Get Yo Brows Back!

Testimonial: Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Trust me when I say CASTOR OIL WORKS. I have been struggling with my lack of eyebrows ever since I could remember. I’ve always had these super thin eyebrows and even more so after I tweezed the fuck out of them lol.

Turns out when you over tweeze your brow hairs regularly you risk developing this SEMI-permanent condition called traction alopecia. Now that doesn’t mean you have some weird condition that’ll prevent you from ever having your brows on point ever again. You may have just stunt your growth cycle. But even if you did acquire this condition accidentally, it IS reversible (hence the ‘semi’ in semi-permanent.)

To start your journey to thicker brows I suggest maybe laying off the tweeting for awhile. I know how hard it is TRUST ME but I had to do and so do you. Ripping out your brow hairs from the follicle is highly damaging and is also the reason behind your stunted growth. Give your follicles a break while you’re working on growing those brows back. I promise they’ll thank you for it and you’ll be much happier in the long run.

Click Here To See My Before&After Photos

I personally have been using castor oil 3x a week for a little over a month now and the results speak for themselves. Where hair WAS NOT growing there is now hair! My eyebrow hairs are growing thicker then ever before and I could not be happier with the outcome. I put on a little bit right before I go to sleep, massage the oil in to exfoliate my brows and than wash it off in the shower when I wake up.

For best results use consistently. I only use castor oil 3x a week but it’s totally cool and a great idea to use every night if you’re looking for faster results. Oh, and btw castor oil is great for hair growth (on the top of your head not just your brows) as well as a moisturizer and to reduce stretch marks. I mean what can’t castor oil do!

Below you will see my how to video on how to apply castor oil to ensure you guys get yo brows back too!

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