Millennial’s Insecurities

My Least Favorite Thing About Millennials:

Their insecurities

Dealing with unhappy, insecure people that only want to bring you down can put a strain on anyones journey to self discovery/self love. Misery loves company. If you’re working on yourself, your health, your appearance and/or financial state, people that aren’t working on those things will try to bring you back down to their level.

I once had a guy tell me he liked my nails and in the same breath asked if they were fake. When I told him they were my actual nails the expression on his face changed dramatically. Why is that? He was hoping that they were indeed fake so that he can take away the compliment later on in his head by thinking to himself “they’re nice but they’re fake.” Later on in the conversation the same guy (notice how I’m not calling him a man) asked if I work out. I told him that I do and that I workout for anywhere from 1-2 hours at the gym and at home. He than said yeah but I bet you’re on your phone the whole time. At this point I was starting to get mad. He was obviously trying to offend me and/or put me down to his level. I told him that no I actually make it a point to not even touch my phone to change a song while I’m working out. Recently I honestly haven’t even been listening to music on my phone while I’m working out anymore. But anyway, by the way he was judging my seriousness to get fit you can only guess that he most likely isn’t very serious about fitness and plays with his phone while working out. Judging by his biceps you’d probably be right but I don’t like to judge people on their appearance like my fellow millennials do.

“Your prejudices against me are only a reflection of your own insecurities” – me

Probably my favorite tweet I’ve ever written. Breaking it down for you, when people see what they don’t like in themselves and see it on you, they will look for any excuse/reason to justify why they don’t possess those same qualities while also attempting to bring you down in the process. Many people with dark eyes always say to me “I love your eyes, are they contacts?” A back handed compliment if I’ve ever seen one. To which I simply reply “thanks, no, they’re my NATURAL eye color.“

With all the fake-ness on social media I can completely understand why people are so skeptical of others. But keep in mind, when you assume it makes an ASS out of U and ME. Assumptions are made by unhappy, miserable people that refuse to change. If you are working towards something their opinion does not matter. Keep on keeping on. They will change when they decide to its not up to you to try and help them. You’re mental health should always come first. And always remember to not pay them to much attention. They might be constantly watching your every move but that’s just because they have nothing else better to do. Keep yourself so busy working on yourself that you don’t even notice the haters.

And trust me.. there will be haters.

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