How I Lost My Tooth & Why Regular Dental Visits are So Important

How I Lost My Tooth

This Thursday I lost one of my molars. It was mortifying! But I like to look on the bright side of things. By using this incident as a tool to encourage proper dental hygiene to those who think the same way that I thought about the dentist. I know, I know the dentist is in no way a fun place to go to but regular check ups with your dentist are very important. They could save your tooth or even possibly your life.

For years I hated the dentist. My grandma would always tell me if I don’t go to the doctor I was going to lose my teeth. And I always said back to her that it was never going to happen. Well it finally did. The cavity in my tooth got so bad that my dentist had to remove it completely! No root canal, no crown, no TOOTH. In about 4-6 months I should be able to get an implant put in if I still got a bone up there to attach it to. But the point of all this is if I would’ve went to the dentist the moment I noticed my tooth was chipped I’d still have my tooth today.

If you’ve got a cavity that is hurting you while you eat or making your face swollen head to the doctor immediately. A toothache can quickly turn deathly if not taken care of by a licensed professional. An abscess could be the cause of your toothache or swollen cheek. This is an infection that could go up into your brain and/or down into your throat and cause swelling there which could block the airway and be fatal.

My tooth went rotten when I was smoking heroin daily. It started to chip little by little every time I “chased the dragon.” I thought once I stopped doing dope I’d be fine and I didn’t have to worry about my tooth but the damage was already done. It didn’t help that I refused to go to the dentist either. I’ve been over a year off of opiates and never felt better in my life but that tooth still had to be dealt with. Because of the fact I kept putting it off my tooth couldn’t be saved. My doctor had to yank it out.

No matter how you got your cavity or rotten tooth, please I beg you, don’t be like me and go to the dentist right away! I am not giving up on getting a replacement tooth but I’m also not allowing America’s view of beauty make me feel any less beautiful. Instead I will stay confident while at the same never take my teeth for granted ever again. Remember your teeth are important and regular routine check up are just as equally important so take care of them! Don’t be like me, go get your teeth checked out before you don’t have any.

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