How To Dress To Flatter Your Body

How to Dress to Flatter Your Body

For years I dressed in a way that hid my imperfections and made me look a bit thinner than I actually was. When people found out exactly what I was doing they seemed to think lower of me. As if wanting to look good was a crime or something. And for the record in no way did I dress a curtain way to deceive men. I dressed a curtain way so that I could feel confident in my body. Everyone wants to feel good in their own skin when they walk out the house and I’m no different. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with dressing to flatter your body type. I believe that every women should if that makes them feel more comfortable.

People will always look down on you regardless of what you do. If you don’t hide your imperfections you’re disgusting. If you do hide them you’re a fraud. You really can’t win either way so why not choose the side that makes you look fabulous. It’s kind of hard at first to figure out exactly how to trick the woman (or man I don’t judge) in the mirror but with some practice I know you’ll get there.

My first go to trick is a jacket with almost every outfit. There are so many different imperfections you could hide with a jacket but for me more recently it’s been my dreaded bra bulge. You know the fatty bulge you get between your breast and armpit. I have been training this area for months now and it has improved but it’s still not all the way gone. Jackets are great to hide that area or a long sleeve shirt even. Jackets can also help hide back fat and a dowager’s hump. (A dowager’s hump is a hump on the base of your neck caused by bad posture. I used to have one but have since been to a chiropractor to fix it.) If you want to make your waistline appear smaller a cropped jacket can help with this as well. The bottom of the jacket sitting on your waist creates a cinched look that gives the illusion of the hourglass shape you might be looking to emulate.

Next trick is the obvious high waisted jeans. I know you’ve heard this before so I won’t go too in depth with this one but it is very important. High waisted jeans helps to create an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face! Lol well not your face but you get what I mean. Like the cropped jacket (for your bottom half) the top of these jeans creates an illusion of a cinched waistline and when your waist looks smaller your booty looks bigger. And come on now, in this day and age a little bit of booty gainz is praised not ridiculed. So go on with your bad self and slap on a pair of high waisted skinnies!

Fit and flare tops are also a good way to hide some imperfections. If you’ve got a little bit of a tummy no problem. These kind of tops are so super cute and show off what you’ve got up top without showing off what’s going on in your mid section. Flare and fit tops work too (not sure if they’re called that or not but I’m going with it.) Tops that are baggy with a sort of band that’s fitted around the hips work amazingly to hide belly fat and still show off that ass in those jeans. Think about it.

My last trick is to just go to the store and try on everything you can see until you find something that works for you. Everyone’s body is different and if I were to get into each body type this article would be too long for anyone in this century to read (I’m joking lighten up.) These tricks I taught you are the basics that would work for anyone. To really figure out what’s going to work for you will take time, a lot of endurance, and possibly a lot of ice cream. But don’t worry you will figure out something that works and when you do don’t let the haters make you feel like a liar or a cheat just because you want to feel good in your own skin. Dress the way that makes you happy. Dress the way that makes you look into the mirror and say “damn, I look good” and don’t even listen to what others have to say. You are beautiful remember that, love.

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