Water Vs. Soda: How to Kick the Habit!

Now at this point in our lives we should all know that soda IS BAD FOR YOU. Got it, okay? Let’s move on.. to drinking water instead!

Trust me tho, I know what your thinking. Water is tasteless! And soda isn’t! It taste. SO. Goooood! That’s all the sugar tho, and we should all already know just how terrible sugar is for our bodies. They are the number one culprit of belly fat. We know this to be true yet we just can’t seem to put the cola down and pick up a water instead. Why though?

Studies show that over 50% of Americans drink some kind of carbonated drink a daily.  The Atlantic reported in 2013 that American’s drink 44 gallons of soda per year, about 9 12oz cans a week. In recent years that number has gone up to 45 gallons, though still not as much as back in 1998 when Americans drank 58 gallons per year.

Sugary drinks can be an addiction. Sometimes you’re just feening for one little sip but than end up drinking a whole 2 liter. I was nearly 200 lbs last year so trust me, I’ve definitely been there, done that! But fitness is life now and results are everythingggg. I can’t be messing up this perfect bod with soda! So I tried weening myself off soda. Simple technique, almost like weening off of drugs.. only a million times harder lol. Kidding.

  1. So first you’re going to want to start drinking water. I know simple right. But try drinking mindfully. Practicing mindful eating can help to relax you and make your transition to water a pleasant one. Plus if you’re having a hard time getting into the tasteless water mindful eating while drinking your water might be able to help you find the tastefulness in the water. Might not taste like soda but you might find that you like the different taste of water a lot more than soda! I mean hey, if the monks and Buddhist do it, it can’t be that bad!
  2. After doing the first step for an entire week we’re going to now move on to taking out all the soda in the house. If you are super dependent on soda (meaning drink more then 2, 2 liter soda bottles a week) than instead buy a 6 pack of 12 oz soda cans for every 2, 2 liter bottles. Repeatedly take out one 6 pack every week until you have eliminated soda completely from house. During this week (or however long it takes to get all soda out of fridge) with or completely without soda in house you can drink soda outside of home at restaurants but there should be none brought back to the home.
  3. A week into not having soda at all in your home and 2+ weeks of mindfully drinking your water you get to decide if drinking water outside of the home is worth it. I can admit I like to drink soda when I go out on cheat days. It’s a great way to curve those cravings. But if you have greater self control than I do by all means kick soda right on out your diet completely at this point. More power to you!

Hope the mindful eating works for you guys. If you’d like a more in-depth description of what mindful eating is let me know in the comments section!

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