My Fave Fashion Trends of 2017

2017 has been an insane year for fashion! All these crazy, sexy, cool looks that have come out this year (and last) have been flooding my insta feed and my fashionista heart. From this new ode to punk rock couture that’s been popping up in recent years, to the I’m just going to wear barely anything at all and still get away with it look, 2017’s fashion trends are swooping the nation. And I am so here for it!



Last year in September, my favorite person in the world/favorite fashion icon, Kim Kardashian graced all of our lives with this amazing photo of her midriff, thus starting a new trend. But before anyone says anything negative about my girl Kim, I know that fishnets have been around FOREVER, trust me I used to wear them everyday in middle school! But not like this.. In the photo Queen Kim K wore her fishnets under what looks like boyfriend jeans with the net only being visible on and over her belly button. Something, if I’m being honest, I’ve personally never seen before her doing it. In my “goth” years, like I mentioned before, I wore fishnets nearly everyday! But whenever I wore them they were under a mini skirt or a tutu and certainly not under BLUE jeans. Now that I’ve semi stirred away from the punk scene (not entirely I might add), seeing these trends pop up is extremely exciting for me. In middle school I was ridiculed for liking some of the bands that most people now proudly wear on their bleach stained T-shirts. And most of the girls in my high school definitely didn’t think fishnets were as trendy as they are now but I’m not complaining! I love seeing punk rock get it’s come back since in recent years rock’s popularity has been deceasing because of the increase in popularity of hip hop. Fusing urban and punk rock cultures makes for amazing fashion!

 Kneeless Boyfriend Jeans:

Something Tells Me Boyfriend Jeans – Medium Blue – Fashion Nova

I am so in love with this trend! So much so that I fashioned myself a pair of these out of old jeans that are about 4 sizes too big on me. But if you’re not into DIY clothing you can always grab a pair of these sexy jeans from Fashion Nova for 37.99. I would too girl but a bitch is BROKE and on a budget of 20 dollars a jean, okay? Lol. But anyway this new trend I want to say just showed up this year might have been end of last year but who can remember that far back? Not me! But if you’ve seen these kind of jeans anywhere on instagram, you probably saw them paired with fishnets. These jeans, boyfriend or skinny, are a great extension to the new fishnet trend. The fishnets already looked bomb asf with just regular jeans but with holes big enough to really show off your sexy nets, you turn a plain old trend into a LOOK.

Extreme Crop Tops:

Grey Marl Caution Extreme Crop Top – PRETTYLITTLETHING

The first time I saw this trend was on a Justin Bieber/David Guetta ad when the Biebs was coming out with his new single “2U” and I instantly fell in love. In the ad the model was wearing a seethru sweater version of this hot new trend which has also been all over my instagram and the online boutiques. The top may seem a little too small to most who, for lack of a better explanation, don’t know how to wear this trend. Bralettes have been coming back in a big way since Selena (no not Gomez, the Selena) made them popular back in her day. It’s not unusually to see young women walking around wearing what other may perceive as only a bra. The feminist/anti-slutshamming movement has become increasing popular thanks to Amber Rose and other great women of this world who are advocates of feminism. And just so we’re clear, I only single Amber Rose out because she is a huge inspiration to me personally and this is a personal blog. But also it’s the way that Amber has caused controversy in the discussion of slutshamming. I don’t agree that her method is the way that we should be handling feminism but I love how she provokes people to talk about the importance of feminism and the sexualization of the female form.

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of women wearing less and less since the sheer bodysuit trend came out a year or two ago. Seeing so many women exposing more and more of their bodies has caused a lot of controversy with people saying that these women only want attention or that you shouldn’t respect a female that barely wears any clothes outside the house. But in all honesty, women should be allowed to wear what makes them feel comfortable in their own skin, NO EXCEPTIONS! Men walk around in the summer with their shirts off showing off their Walmart underwear for the world to see (even tho we don’t want to see all that) and not a word is said to them. Why is it that since we are women and our breast are bigger (slightly for some of y’all) that we have to suffer in the summer to this heat! If I want to go out in a bra, an extreme crop top and some booty shorts you bet your ass that’s what I am do!

Hope you guys like my fave trends of 2017! Click the links below and in the pics for some affordable boutiques selling these awesome trends! And let me know in the comments section if you’d like me post a How To on putting an outfit together. Until next time, buh-bye.

Vegas Show Girl Rhinestone Fishnets – Black w/ Rhinestones

Catch Me Tonight Fishnets – Black

Madelyne Diamond Fishnets – White

Boyfriend Style Holey Ripped Denim Jeans – Light Blue

Slater Super Crop Top – Long Sleeve – Black

Sweat With Extreme Cut Out – Sweatshirt – Pink

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