Know Your Worth

Know Your Worth..

For years I didn’t know mine. For years I allowed people to treat me as if I was worthless. For years I sat back as people told me I was nothing. For years I believed that I was nothing but not anymore. The day I decided to love myself was the day everything changed for me. Don’t get me wrong though, it didn’t happen over night. I had to tell myself I loved myself even when I didn’t believe it. I had to get into a relationship with myself to know myself well enough to love me. I had to fake it till I made it a reality. And I’m glad I did because if I didn’t I would never have experience the greatest form of love anyone can ever experience in their life; self love.

When you love yourself you’re never alone. When you love yourself nothing anyone says or does can hurt you. When you love yourself countless doors and opportunities will open for you. Because when you love yourself you give yourself worth. You give your dreams and ideas worth. You start to believe in yourself and hold yourself in the highest regard. And all the things people used to say to take away your worth will mean nothing because you now know they can’t take away your happiness. It’s not theirs to take it is yours and you gave it to yourself.

You’ll no longer need to fill the void with people that make you feel good for a second but then make you feel like crap the next. When you hate yourself you become addicted to these people that make you feel this way. The emotional rollcoaster excites you but when you love yourself you only allow people that want to see you happy in your presence. People that instead of want to keep you down, strive you build you up. People who only want to see your smile and never bring out your tears. People who will show you just how worthy you really are of achieving happiness. And when you love yourself you start to attract these type of people.

Surrounding yourself with people that only show you the type of love you give to yourself is a form of self love. Surrounding yourself with people that show you the same amount of hate you show yourself is a form of self hate. Choose love over hate. Choose happiness over misery. Let the world be miserable without you. You deserve better than that. You can do so much more for this world if you believe you can. If you just take the chance and look in the mirror to tell yourself “I am worthy.”


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