Before&After: 14 Months of Fitness!

14 Months Later: Just Starting to Get It

It has been a bumpy ride guys! I lost nearly 50lbs my first 4-5 months of fitness. Hit a hard plateau and stayed without further results for another 7 months straight due to poor diet. Now, 2 months into just getting started to get my exercise and diet on the same level I have gained 15 lbs. This would be so saddening if I didn’t love so much what I’m seeing in the mirror!

Before Pictures:



Although the scale might say that I have gained weight since I hit my plateau, my body has never looked better! Recently my weight has gone up and down in these past couple weeks (went up 20 lbs in muscle, lost 10 of those lbs due to lack of eating, gained back 5 lbs of muscle.) In the past week I have been eating the way I was when I was fixated on building muscle. Sometimes these reality checks are just what you need to remind yourself that consistency is key! And that eating less doesn’t always equal to the fitness results you’re looking for. At this time my fitness goals are to bulk up and the best way to do that is by eating healthy foods and exercising to build muscle. It’s normal for anyone to put on a few pounds from increasing their caloric intake and adding protein shakes. Gaining weight all over is inevitable if you want a huge booty so don’t be discouraged if you see your tummy growing as well. And like the fitness gurus say, build muscle first then do a cut later right!

But anyway as you can see I’m definitely packing on the pounds in a different way. I was so flabby and (not trying to body shame anyone or myself but) disgusting. I literally hated myself and the way I looked back than. Which is why I’ve had so much success in my fitness journey (aside from those 7 months of binge eating and over exercising.) I’m still VERY far away from my goal but I’m going at a pace that’s right for me. Only thing I can do is put in the work consistently and hope that my hard work pays off. But I really am loving this body!

After Pictures:

I hope by reading my story and seeing my struggle I could inspire others to paint their ugly lies pretty by turning them to truths. It’s easy to get into the trap of putting up a fake facade on social media for your friends and the world to make yourself feel like you’re getting fitter. But the reality of your lies will still be right up in your face every time you look in the mirror. So I challenge you to at least give fitness a real shot. Turn those lies you tell yourself into truths and bask in the results. I can tell you from my own personal experience that it’s worth a shot. Even if you put in the minimum amount of effort and do your best to gradually increase that effort over time you will not be sorry. And don’t EVER consider giving up on your journey just because you’ve come across a set back or two. In every journey there are obstacles you will have to cross. Thank God for those obstacles because they teach you valuable lessons that will help you throughout your journey.

To help you with your journey check out my post on why meal prep is so important!

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