HowTo: Picking Mesh Socks Or Mesh Stockings

So a few weeks ago I wore my pink mesh socks to the mall and got stopped in my tracks by a group of girls working at a store. Before walking into the store the girls were conversing with each other on how to wear those same particular socks I had walked in wearing. The girls asked me to show them my outfit which was rolled up jeans paired with a white spaghetti strap tank top and a pink suede biker jacket. That day I decided that black ankle heels would work nicely with the outfit to dress it up but if I wanted to dress it down I could have wore white sneakers.


On social media I mostly see women wearing mesh socks or stockings with adidas superstar sneakers. I absolutely love this look. If asking my opinion if you are wearing jeans that are distressed where you’ll be able to see whats underneath, it’s best to opt for stockings like in the example picture above (that I do not own and found on pinterest all credit goes to rightful owner.) Same goes with if you are wearing a crop top and want to show off the stockings around and below your waist line like the image below (that I also do not own.)


On that day I was not wearing a crop top or distressed jeans. If I was I would have grabbed my mesh stockings. But I was wearing a full length tank top and plain old blue jeans so instead I grabbed my mesh SOCKS which I believe goes perfectly with heels or sneakers. Roll up a pair of jeans to show them off like in the picture below (still don’t own) or wear them with your favorite skirt or dress. What’s most important about putting an outfit together is making it your own. If you like how you wear it, WEAR IT. Don’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks!


I hope this article helped you to decide which trendy mesh choice to go with! Both mesh socks and stockings are an important accessory to have in your wardrobe and I know that picking between the two can be a difficult decision for some people. Don’t think too hard about it and go with what you think will look the cutest! Thanks for reading, see ya soon xx



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