My Month W/ Teami Tea

My Month With Teami Blends Tea Review

This wouldn’t be Maria’s Mentiras dot com if I didn’t lay down some cold hard true facts once in awhile (irony being “Mentiras” means “lies” in english lol.) My month with Teami Blends fit tea started out strong as most of my efforts do. But in the past week I have not been drinking my tea everyday like I am supposed to. Granted it’s only been the last 4 days I think that I haven’t and it’s mainly been because of my boyfriend staying over and me not wanting to have the “runs” around him (which btw you will have with this tea) but I still feel really bad about it. I feel almost like I’ve been cheating on my diet and this company. But then again, Maria’s Mentiras is about taking lies and making them true. It’s about rebuilding from the ashes and making a better life for yourself. So with that said I will NOT give up on Teami tea and I will NOT let Teami tea give up on me because this is a product that I know works.



Within my first two weeks of drinking Teami Blends I lost 10 lbs! I was stunned at the results. Above is a picture of me after dropping the 10 lbs while on my period with almost no bloat what-so ever. Imagine being on your period with no period belly! Sounds like some type of make believe fairy tail right? No, trust me. It’s real. Teami Blends detox tea is a miracle worker!

As a tea hater I did not foresee me doing this 30 day tea detox with such ease. I’m actually in love with this tea! It’s probably the best tasting tea I’ve ever tired. So believe me when I say even if you hate tea you’ll find something to love in Teami Blends. If it’s not the tea itself it’ll be the way you look after the month is over!

Since I have skipped the past 4 days of my detox, I will be starting my month with Teami Blends over again! This time with proper before and after photos. My tummy has never looked or felt more toned but only I know this from looking in the mirror everyday lol. And because of that I want to prove to you all that Teami Blends does work! So in 30 days I will most definietly have a new post to show you just how amazing this product really is. No bull shit. Teami Blends really has help me with bloating and been making my midsection looking better than ever before. Below is a photo of how I look today.


Stick around to see how I look in 30 days. If you’re already convinced head over to the Teami Blends website and use my code MARIAM10 for 10% off your purchase!

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