Why I Lost My Motivation.. & How I Got It Back!

Why I Haven’t Posted In 2 Months: I’ve Been Lying to Myself

3 months ago I had gotten into a new relationship. After about a year and some change of being single and about 3 months or so of me finding my own way I decided that it might be time to get into a serious committed relationship. The one thing I desperately (believed) I needed was someone to support me and motivate me to keep going on my journey of rebuilding myself. What I didn’t count on was losing my drive to show others how I’ve been progressing, not to mention my drive to progress in the first place! I lost all motivation once in my relationship. I’m not sure if it was because I had found someone that seemed to love me and accept me for who I am so I didn’t believe I had to progress anymore or if it was because I just rather be with him or thinking of him every second of the day. Knowing me it was probably both.

About a month into our relationship we both let ourselves go. The one thing that attracted me the most to my now boyfriend was that he had a strong love for fitness. A common trait that we share. But being that we were always together neither of us had the time to eat healthy resulting in us pulling up to drive-thrus nearly every day. At the beginning of our relationship I did meal prep every week but not even a month into our relationship I gave up on meal prep completely! About a month ago we decided we were going to do meal prep together but haven’t started until this week. I also have been neglecting the gym since I spend most nights with my other half and with his shoulder injury he refuses to step in a gym with me. Luckily he’s been feeling better and has gotten himself back in the gym. We went to the gym twice this week together and I’ll be going for a third time by myself later on today. For me going to the gym only three times is such a downgrade but for him to be in the gym twice this week with close to zero motivation and a crushed spirit is a huge accomplishment!

I’ve come to realize that we came into each other lives at a time where we both needed to rebuild ourselves. These past 3 months we have enabled each other and that is the hard truth! And a hard truth that not only I needed to see for myself but that I wanted to share with others so that they can learn from my mistakes. Now we are back on the path to getting back to where we came from. We are both aiding each other in rebuilding ourselves. Like in any good relationship there are hard ships and obstacles you must go over to have a stronger union together. What I wanted from this relationship was to motivate me and I lost sight of that but now we are both focused on what we want and we’re going to achieve it together!

Share this post to motivate someone you know in a relationship that has lost their drive and share your own experience with lack of motivation and how you over came it in the comments section below!

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