The truth is everybody lies. Some people lie to someone else. Most people lie to themselves. No matter how you spin it, we all lie! Maria’s Mentiras, Inc. is about learning how to be true to yourself despite what everyone else around you thinks while keeping these truths you uncover to yourself. Being true to you and only you so that, once you’ve built your confidence, being truthful with others, even when the reality isn’t as pretty as the fantasy you’re trying to portray, comes naturally. You won’t feel the need to put up a fake façade for social media because you will be living the life you’ve pretended to have in real life! So with that in mind, I welcome you to take these lies you tell everyday and turn them into your motivation. Turn them into actions. Come with me on this journey so that we can help each other and shape each other into better, healthier people. Because I need you just as much as you might believe you need me. Maybe even more..